Sonic: The Blue Blur

Sonic: The Blue Blur

At last, it’s here. This is a fun little concept I recently came up with that I doubt will go anywhere. So my Sonic story would take place in a world that’s a mixture of fantasy and science fiction that has elements of our world woven in. Sonic would be an urban myth and he’s the only person to have powers, that we know of ;). Tails comes from a town that’s threatened by Dr. Robotnik and his mechanical minions and he looks for Sonic to help him out. Along the way, Knuckles and Amy are recruited to help out and our dynamic four must save the world and eat some chili dogs in the process.

Let’s talk character designs. I already talked Sonic and Tails, so let’s go over Knuckles and Amy Rose. When I was working on Knuckles, I said to myself repeatedly, “Knuckles has to be black.” There’s other artwork of a humanized Knuckles with lighter skin, which are valid because those are different interpretations of what’s originally a red echidna. My version of Knuckles is gonna have dark skin because that’s what I want. He’s the hardheaded brawler with a heart of gold and loyalty. As for Amy, I always liked her Sonic Boom look more than her regular look, which I always viewed as kinda plain. I think it’s a perfect combination of badass and feminine, so I went with that design for my version. Nobara Kugisaki from Jujustu Kaisen was a big inspiration for the look and personality.

As for the big bad himself? I came to this design by combining every version of Dr. Robotnik out there, mainly pulling inspiration from the classic 2D games to Jim Carrey’s portrayal from the movie. I wanted to play around with more dramatic lighting for this and I really liked what I did. It’s always fun as an artist to try out different looks and techniques because you learn something new and it’s a great addition to what you are capable of doing.

Points to those who get what anime series this image is an homage to.

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