The Orishas

The Orishas

Back at it again. This time, I’m dipping my feet into some mythology with my interpretation of the Yoruba orishas. Orishas are deities who serve as a bridge between humanity and the supreme creator god Olodumare in the Yoruba religion. These beings are worshipped in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo, as well as Brazil, Cuba, and other Caribbean/Latin American countries thanks to the Atlantic slave trade. We’re used to seeing European mythology like Greek and Norse, but mythology from Africa is rarely highlighted, so why not change that? With the orishas, I leaned into an Afrofuturist aesthetic that sits between fantasy and science fiction. Another inspiration was Alex Ross and his work with DC Comics like Kingdom Come and Justice because I wanted these gods to look and feel like actual gods. Check out the individual orishas below.

Father of the Gods
Mother of the Gods
God of Thunder & Lightning
Goddess of Love & Beauty
God of War, Iron, & Blacksmiths
Warrior Goddess of the Wind

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