Lucas Bleu & Lori Bleu

Lucas Bleu & Lori Bleu

While I was sketching out the first pages of Sunlight, I decided to change things up with the protagonist, Lucas Bleu. For years, I had designed him with an afro, but while I always have love for the fro, I began seeing it as too basic and I wanted to give Lucas something more modern and fresh. So I did some Googling for black men hairstyles and I went through a few options before settling with what you see. I wanted a hairstyle that’s visually as memorable as most shonen protagonists.

Another character who’s gone through some changes is Lori, Lucas’ sister. I’ve drawn her with different hairstyles, with and without glasses. For her final look, I gave her Bantu knots, plus two braids just to add some swag. But this won’t be her permanent look for the entire series. Lori will change up her style like most of the characters in the series, so don’t be surprised if you see her with a different hairstyle in the next arc or even in the same arc. For those wondering what “UPG” stands for, it’s short for University of Pine Grove, a college that most of the main cast goes to in the story. Now back to finishing Sunlight.

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